Last updated: February 01st, 2020


Why I only have access to 3% of the lyrics and not full text?

You need to be our paid member to access all the lyrices in our database else it will be limited to 3.

Can you just use a snippet or portion of lyrics while composing my pages? New

Sure. But you need to implement the tracking pixel.

Why do I get 401 errors using musiXmatch API?

The Not Commercial Use plan allows 2000 Api Calls per day and 500 Lyrics display per day. After you've reached those limit you'll get a 401 Error.

Do you offer a link exchange or an affiliate program? Updated

Currently we don't offer this kind of programs. But we're all ears. Tell us more.

Can I develop a mobile app using your API?

Yes you are good to go with ytvdgrabber lyrics API.

Can I contribute sending you some lyrics you're missing?

Sure thing! Send us an email to content@ytvdgrabber.com.

I have a Research Project, can I use your data ?

Yes, you can use data from Not Commercial Use Plan.

How do I contact you?

For commercial licensing inquiries please write us to sales@ytvdgrabber.com.